Tom Daley (28) and his husband Dustin Lance Black (48) have had children again. The diver and the screenwriter became parents of a son in the summer of 2018. And little Robbie seems to be the pride of the two. On the Internet, they always delight their fans with cute family photos. Now the couple has another sweet surprise: Tom and dustin got a second son.

The fans probably didn’t expect this surprise – because Tom and dustin kept their sweet secret to themselves until they were born. About the British Times but they announced today that their Robbie has become a big brother. In a short advertisement, the two not only reveal the date of birth, but also the name of the baby: “Black-Daley on March 28, Thomas Robert Daley and Dustin Lance Black, one son, Phoenix Rose.” But there is no more information yet and the first baby picture is still a long time coming.

Show your Robbie Tom and dustin in the network, but never from the front. And the scion is responsible for the fact that, above all, in toms life changed a lot. In the meantime, it is no longer so important for the 28-year-old to bring home Olympic gold. “Now there are things in my life that are just as important”he said in 2021 The Sun.