The long-kept secret has finally been revealed! In May of last year, singer and partner A$AP Rocky became parents for the first time. Your son saw the light of day. A few months ago, the “Umbrella” interpreter showed him on social media for the first time. She also takes him to public appearances. However, his name was a secret for a long time – until now!

Daily Mail A copy of the child’s birth certificate should be available. So that’s the little one’s name RZA Athelston Mayers. The name RZA be inspired by the group’s rapper Wu Tang Clan – he has the same name. Rihanna, 35, seems to have already hinted at it, as she’s been wearing Wu Tang Clan-themed clothing since birth.

In an interview with The Washington Post the chart topper revealed at the end of the year that the right time to announce the name had not yet come. “We just haven’t gotten around to it yet. We just lived”, was her reasoning. The musician is currently pregnant with her second baby.