Not only stars, a stylish camera look and luxurious sets and costumes await you in the trailer for “Infinity Pool”. The new film from the makers of the Possessor also promises to be slimy, gory and creepy.

Brandon Cronenberg, son of icon director David Cronenberg, presents ‘Infinity Pool’, the follow-up to his celebrated festival hit ‘Possessor’. After its world premiere at the renowned Sundance Festival, the film premiered nationwide in North America on January 27, 2023.

The European premiere will take place on February 22, 2023 at the Berlinale, before “Infinity Pool” will be shown in German cinemas on April 20.

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Those who want to pass the time until then with the FSK 18 work “Possessor” can now do so in razor-sharp 4K UltraHD. But be prepared: The mix of hypnotic sci-fi thriller and cracking body-horror tearjerker is not only atmospherically dense and aesthetically impressive, but also extremely brutal. Our MOVIE STARTS review gave it an excellent four and a half stars.

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This is the story of “Infinity Pool”

Six years have passed since James’s (Alexander Skarsgård) first book, which was only moderately successful. With his well-to-do wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman), the writer enjoys a perfect vacation with beautiful beaches, the best food and luxurious accommodation in the remote island resort of La Tolqa. Here he now hopes to find inspiration for a second work.

On the spot, the two meet Gabi (Mia Goth), who is fascinating and mysterious, and her husband Alban (Jalil Lespert). The couple convinces James and Em to leave the safety of the resort grounds together and explore the island on their own. However, during the outing, James accidentally runs over and kills a man suddenly standing on the country road.

As it turns out, the island nation has a zero tolerance policy towards crime. Detective Thresh (Thomas Kretschmann) tells James that he will be sentenced to death. But there’s a loophole: for an insanely large sum of money, a clone double could be executed in his place. James agrees, pays and is released, but then – again thanks to Gabi – he soon becomes entangled in a rampant maelstrom of violence and hedonism…

These are the stars of “Infinity Pool”

The main role in Infinity Pool is played by Alexander Skarsgård, who, after his breakthrough with the vampire series True Blood, played major roles in films such as Melancholia, Legend Of Tarzan and Godzilla Vs.Kong. Most recently, the Swede was seen on local screens as the title hero of “The Northman”.

The main female characters are Cleopatra Coleman from Netflix’s “In The Shadow Of The Moon”, as well as the TV series “The Last Man On Earth” and “Dopesick” and Mia Goth. Goth finally found world fame with her role in the retro horror hit ‘X’ and the prequel ‘Pearl’.

Also present: Amanda Brugel (“The Handmaid’s Tale”), Jalil Lespert (“A Fatal Decision”) and Thomas Kretschmann from “King Kong”, “The Pianist” and “Stalingrad”. Soon you will also be able to experience the Dessau man in “Gran Turismo” and alongside Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny”. If you don’t want to miss “Infinity Pool” and other major reboots of all genres – whether on the big screen, in streaming or for home theater – simply subscribe to our free newsletter, which comes out every Thursday.

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