Miley Cyrus (30) didn’t even know who she was meeting. The singer recently made headlines with one of her songs: With her song “Flowers” she is said to have alluded to her ex Liam Hemsworth (33). Maxx Morando (24), the singer’s current boyfriend, is said to have been anything but enthusiastic about it. But in the meantime everything seems to be rosy again for the two. After all, raved Miley now about how she met her lover.

“We had a blind date,” revealed the “Hannah Montana” actress in an interview with the British Vogue. “Well it was a blind date for me and not really for him”, she clarified. “But Miley dared anyway. “I was like, ‘The worst thing that can happen is I’m leaving,'” she revealed of her thoughts on the first meeting.

The pair first sparked romance rumors in November 2021 when they were spotted walking the Gucci Love Parade runway show. The Liily drummer then attended “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party,” which she co-hosted with Pete Davidson, 29. They finally confirmed their love in April last year when they were spotted out in West Hollywood: Billy Ray Cyrus’ (61) daughter made out with her new lover as they hugged lovingly.