Bobby Campo Age, Married, Wife, Family, Is He Gay? Biography

Bobby Campo Age, Married, Wife, Family, Is He Gay? Biography

Bobby Campo is an American actor who achieved fame after being assigned minor roles in television sitcoms and movies. His big breakthrough finally came after he starred in The Final Destination, a fascinating and intriguing horror movie. The breathtaking heroism of this movie star and the excellent way he portrayed his character made him almost as famous as the movie itself.

Bobby also models when he can, he does this as a side job, because his passion is acting. In 2009 Bobby was on the cover of Throne Magazine and in 2010 he was featured in the prestigious L’Uomo Vogue.

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Bobby Campo Biography, Age, Family

Bobby was born on March 9, 1983, in Wheeling, West Virginia, United States of America. He was brought up by his parents Robert Camposecco and Donna Camposecco, who both deal with color in different ways. His father works as a painting entrepreneur, while his mother is a famous make-up artist. Bobby was named after his paternal grandfather, Bob Campo, who was formerly a radio personality in Wheeling. Bobby’s younger sister was named Julia Marie; she married the famous Stephen Christian.

Bobby Campo Age, Married, Wife, Family, Is He Gay? Biography
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Campo was a student at Seminole High School. After high school, he enrolled in a performance studio workshop in Tampa, Florida, where he wanted to improve his acting performance. He loves to listen to music, play soccer, climb and ride his bike to keep fit.

Acting Career

After his rapid rise to fame, Campo began to get first-class performances in Hollywood. He was one of the casts that will appear in the 2011 short film Queen. Here Bobby played the role of a cute, young, handsome doorman trying to convey his empathy to a transgender artist. He also played the lead in a short film called A Conversation About Cheating with My Time Traveling Future Self in 2012, in which he portrays a man who goes on a time travel into the past to tell his past life in the hope of finding meaning in his life. His interpretation of the characters in the above-mentioned short films was applauded by the authors of the Amazing Story.

In 2012, Bobby Campo was one of the actors in Being Human, a renowned television series. He played the role of Max, a handsome funeral director who has his own business and works very hard to earn credibility in the funeral business. Over the course of his impressive career, Bobby Campo has starred in several other films, including General Education, The Jazz Funeral, Legally Blondes, and Starve.

He has also appeared in television series such as Greek, South Beach, Mental, Scream, CSI, Audrey, Masters of Sex, and Grey’s Anatomy. Although Bobby Campo is still relatively young in Hollywood, he has managed to meet and exceed the expectations of Hollywood stakeholders and fans alike, which definitely makes him a viewer.

Relationships, Married, Wife

Surprisingly, there is currently no disclosed information about Bobby’s relationship status. One would expect the Internet to be flooded with tons of Bobby’s relationship content, but apparently, this is not the case. Currently, available reports suggest that he has never had a romantic relationship with a woman during his entire acting career.

Bobby Campo Age, Married, Wife, Family, Is He Gay? Biography
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Furthermore, the fact that Bobby has never been involved in a romantic relationship during his entire career seems almost impossible. We can only assume that he likes to keep his private life away from the public in order not to get involved in a scandal. We can also assume that he has decided to concentrate on his acting career and that he has no time for a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. Bobby Campo is not married and has never fathered a child.

Bobby Campo’s Net Worth

Bobby was able to earn an enormous income with his feature films and series. There is no doubt that the charming actor is doing quite well, but there is no concrete figure tied to his fortune.

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Bobby Campo Gay Rumor

As already mentioned, the love life of the seductive actor is relatively unknown. This has led his fans to the presumptuous conclusion that Bobby might be gay. However, there is currently no evidence to substantiate this accusation. For the moment we can only assume that he is heterosexual.


Bobby is 5 ft 10 inches tall, with a well-built body frame that has given him many female fans.

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