Bonnie Wright (32) married her partner Andrew Lococo last year. The two met in 2018 at a New Year’s Eve party and became a couple a little later. The couple’s marriage came as a surprise to some of their fans, as the actress likes to keep a low profile about her personal life. But what is well known about Bonnie: Sustainability and environmental protection are very important to her. She also paid attention to this at her celebration! Now she explains how Bonnie brought the ecological aspects and wedding planning together!

In an interview with Bonnie now describes the special day with her husband Andrew. The couple’s wedding took place at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, California. “We love everything the center stands for. We wanted to celebrate love and community. It was important to us that our love for the environment was reflected and that sustainable materials were used instead of single-use packaging. We were creative, made a lot of things ourselves and also made sure that the food was local and seasonal,” explains the actress.

Bonnie also focused on sustainability with her dress. “I wanted to wear a vintage dress. There are so many wedding dresses in the world that have character and a story of their own”she describes the selection of her 100-year-old dress.