Does Boris Becker (55) think his wife Lilly Becker (46) is stupid? The tennis pro and the Dutch model dated back in 2007 before saying yes after a short break in 2009. Their son Amadeus was born in 2010 – the couple separated eight years later. Although they still haven’t divorced, they seem to be at odds on how to raise their child. Boris now shot publicly Lilly.

“It takes intelligent parents to find a way. Barbara (56) is very intelligent,” the redhead told UK magazine on Sunday TheTelegraph to his first wife Barbara Becker. To Lilly However, only the following words came to mind afterwards: “I hope that I will [Lilly] can reach the same point. But we are not there yet. She has her opinion, which isn’t always right or legally correct.” And this claim comes even though the 46-year-old and the 55-year-old probably don’t even talk to each other anymore.

But Lilly don’t just leave it like that. Opposite of Picturenewspaper she replied: “Boris seems to think he’s smarter than everyone around him, so I’m looking forward to him soon fulfilling his obligations to his son.” He is said to have not paid child support for his son for about ten months.