Boris Becker (55) speaks openly about his marriage to Barbara Becker (56). The tennis player and the actress said yes in 1993 – the wedding was followed by their two sons Noah (29) and Elias (23). In 2001 the marriage was divorced. For the sake of the sons, the relationship between the former spouses is now in order. Now spoke Boris in his documentary in detail about the reason for the separation at that time.

In the documentary “Boom Boom! The World vs Boris Becker” the athlete came to the separation of barbara to speak. The one night stand with Angela Ermakova, from the Boris‘ Daughter Anna Ermakova (23) arose, contributed to this. First wanted barbara still save the relationship – but then it failed due to the successors of the fling.

“For months no one knew [von dem Baby]. But then she pulled [Barabara] every little thing we discussed, the joker card and said, ‘Shut up, because if the world knew what you did, you’d be screwed.'” Then have Boris pulled the line because he could no longer maintain such a relationship.