He will never forget this wild night! Boris Becker (55) is a former German tennis player. But after numerous great successes, he made headlines after his career ended, because the athlete fathered a child with Angela Ermakova during an affair. Details are now coming out in his new documentary – among other things, that him his mother Elvira Becker admonished before the misstep!

In the documentation “Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker” the professional athlete says that he had just decided to end his career and take care of his family. By this time he was already the proud father of his son Noah, Boris‘ Then Mrs. Barbara Becker (56) was heavily pregnant. Nevertheless, the blond boy wanted to party again. “I had a long discussion on the balcony with my mother. My mother was just like, ‘Boris‘Don’t do anything stupid!'”, he describes. Nevertheless, he went out – and met Angela while intoxicated.

Statements in the documentary recently led to a heated argument between Angela and Boris. Because the tennis pro explains that he hardly knew the 55-year-old today. However, the former model claims the opposite. “He’s always puffed up. He puts on his best clothes to show off his facade but forgets to put his pants on – to emphasize the part of his body that guides him rather than his soul.”Angela rushed against their one-night stand.

Source: celebtap.com