Boris Becker (55) must not be an issue. Anna Ermakova (23), the daughter of the tennis legend, is currently delivering at Let’s Dance week after week. Many viewers have already taken the pretty redhead to their hearts. There is a good chance that Anna and her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) will win the trophy. In the show will annas Father Boris Becker not discussed at all. That also has a reason. Allegedly, the show is not allowed to talk about the former tennis star!

Picture wants to have figured out that name Boris Becker should not fall in the live show “Let’s Dance”. That’s loud annas contract so regulated. If Boris but if a topic becomes part of the show, RTL even has to pay a fine, they say. actually speaks ann not even on Instagram from her father. When she mentions her family, she means her mother, Angela Ermakova, and her grandmother, with whom she grew up.

In addition, it says in the Picturethat actually first annas Mother angela should take part in “Let’s Dance”. But then they decided on the famous celebrity daughter. Also should annas Victory on the show really doesn’t have to be that unrealistic. The 23-year-old is said to always come first in the voting.