Sarah Engels (30) defends herself! Over the weekend, the singer put on a terrific performance at The Masked Singer semifinals. Not only did she sit on the guessing team, but she also performed in the skeleton costume she wore to win the show. It was really well received by the viewers. However, some then sent her negative messages and wrote that her breasts were too small. But that’s possible Sarah dislike!

In your Instagramstory, the mother-of-two shared a screenshot of one such announcement. “Too small for what? Who determines the right size of a breast? There is no right and no wrong!”she replied. Sarah I wonder where such ideals come from. At least she wouldn’t want her daughter or other young girls to think they weren’t right or good enough. “Everyone in this world has their own taste and their own view of beauty,” the 30-year-old clarified.

In addition, the “Te Amo Mi Amor” interpreter emphasized that no person has the right to evaluate optical characteristics as wrong: “I was created that way and have breastfed two wonderful children and have been full for the last year.” She is very proud of her body and what he has achieved.