Brett Gardner Wife (Jessica Clendenin), Salary, Age, Height, Weight

Brett Gardner Wife (Jessica Clendenin), Salary, Age, Height, Weight

Since his MLB debut as an American professional baseball outfielder on June 30, 2008, Brett Gardner has not stopped showing his natural affinity with the sport. He is a versatile player and plays for the New York Yankee, where he is currently the longest-serving Yankee. Brett is considered one of the fastest players and best outfielders in the league, which has earned him the nickname “Brett the jet” from his fans.

The New York Times defined him in 2015 as the kind of player who makes an organization happy, and true to that definition, Brett is making for happy times for the Yankees. Brett is a force, as he is called by his manager Joe Girardi. He is also known for stealing bases and being very disciplined at home plate. He makes contact with 93% of his swings, which makes him the third-best player in the American League.

His impressive career record includes winning the Fielding Bible Award 2010 as the MLB’s best defensive left fielder, winning the Gold Glove Award for American League left fielders in 2016, and the fact that he has not yet reached the end of his career.

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Brett Gardner’s Bio, Age

The outfielder apparently took the path of his father, Jerry Gardner, who played for the Philadelphia Phillies as an outfielder in the Minor League. This gave him the inspiration and a coach in the early stages of his ambition to become a baseball player. In addition, his father’s work ethic and determination to do what he wants to do spurred him on to make the most of his skills at all times. This has not only gotten him where he is now but has also helped him to stay stable.

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He was born on August 24, 1983, in Holby Hill, South Carolina, and grew up on his family’s 1,100-acre farm in Holly Hill alongside his older brother Glen. His mother’s name is Faye Gardner.

He played baseball for his school team at Holly Hill Academy and American Legion baseball for the St. George Post 105. Although he could not get an athletic scholarship, he attended the Walk-on Tryout for the College of Charleston Cougars in 2001. However, his dedication and enthusiasm secured him a place on the team where his talent for the game is recognized. Eventually, he ended his college career as the best player in school history, far from his beginnings as a baseman without a scholarship.

After a successful college career, he was drafted into the third round by the New York Yankees in 2005, finishing 109th in the last four. After a successful campaign in the Minor League, he made his MLB debut in 2008 and took part in the Yankees’ World Cup against Philadelphia Phillies in 2009.

Brett Gardner Salary

Brett Gardner sees baseball as a job and a really cool one. That’s why he gives it everything he needs to be successful in it and to achieve great success in his job. Even though he has set himself challenges, no job is without its challenges anyway. He has encountered obstacles such as being sent back to a minor in 2008 before being called up again at the end of the season, or being benched after being named a starting midfielder in 2009 – he is not deterred by such pasts in any way. He believes that in the game you have to embrace the lifestyle of the present, regardless of failures or successes.

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Every day, he devotes hours to training, batting practice, field exercises, and time spent watching videos of pitchers, his swing mechanics, and footwork. He does all this in an effort to be well-positioned for the successes he has achieved so far. Judging by his commitment, skills, talent, and discipline, his salary and net worth will be no less than adequate.

Brett Gardners has an average annual salary of $13 million and an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Brett Gardner Wife (Jessica Clendenin)

Brett Gardner Wife (Jessica Clendenin), Salary, Age, Height, Weight
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Brett enjoys a happy and beautiful married life with his wife, Jessica Clendenin. She was born on July 4, 1984, in Georgia, where she grew up with her two brothers John and Joshua.

The duo married on December 1, 2007, at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Peachtree. Presbyterian Church in Peachtree. Their union was blessed with two sons, Hunter and Miller.

His height, his weight

Well built for the sport, Brett Gardner is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 195 lbs (1.8 m).

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