Zendaya (26) seems to have some communication problems in her relationship! The Euphoria actress met her partner Tom Holland (26) in 2016 on the set of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. In December 2021, the two actors made their love public. However, the couple is rarely seen or heard from. Now Zendaya speaks openly about her loved one – and also mentions that she struggles with his British dialect!

In conversation with The Sun the 26-year-old chats about her relationship with the Marvel star. “I love the British accent, but so much Tom also tried to explain it to me, I will never understand the slang”, she explains. Her boyfriend is from South London, where a melodious dialect of English is spoken. He tried to teach her what the expressions mean, but the effort was in vain: “It’s cute when he explains all the different expressions to me – but I really don’t understand it!”

Will the couple take the next step soon? In recent months, it has often been rumored whether the lovebirds want to step in front of the altar. Most recently, Zendaya fired the rumor mill in one Instagram-Video even at: A few weeks ago it was seen in a clip from her beautician that she was wearing a gold ring toms bears initials.

Source: celebtap.com