How much will she reveal? Britney Spears (41) had to go through a lot, but the singer successfully fought her way out of years of guardianship under her father Jamie Spears (70). As early as 2021, it became known that the pop icon would like to publish an autobiography in which she would like to reveal openly what has been done to her. It was recently announced that the memoirs were now complete. One in particular does not seem very happy about this: Her father fears that Britney’s memoirs could ruin his reputation!

How Perez Hilton reported on his blog, an employee of jamie portrayed: “He won’t let his daughter write whatever she wants about him. He won’t let her ruin his reputation!” The father of the “Gimme More” interpreter is ready to do everything to get rid of untruths. “Britney and the publisher face consequences if they don’t watch what they write,” a friend said on behalf of jamie.

Will Brit be intimidated by the statements and will remove some details from the book? An insider finally opened up about it recently Page Six: “Your book is brutally honest and comes from the heart. You don’t mince your words.” Britney With the publication of the memoirs, she wanted to prove that she had her life in her own hands again.