Does Britney Spears (41) speak in riddles? Recently, the fans of the American pop singer were very concerned. Reason for this: In the past month, the pop singer has repeatedly shared strange posts on the Internet. Among other things, she put on a beach show in a tight bikini and proudly presented her sweat stains in one of her videos. now solved Britney with these deep insights again question marks in their community.

On Tuesday, the “Toxic” interpreter once again shared questionable pictures of herself Instagram. A snap shows a close-up of her breasts covered only by a black lace bra. A second picture shows a group of assembled men playing a game of chess. Equally confusing was her caption: “If I slapped my brush, could I pop one of them like a balloon on Thursday? […] How do you spell chest – is it chess or chest?”

What are the reasons for this selection of images? Of course has Britney no explanation for their snaps at this time. That will probably remain a mystery for now. Surely her fans would have a lot to say about her latest activity on social media – however, the blonde has still deactivated her comment function…