Iggy Azalea (32) messes with her fans! The rapper has already had great success with her music. Her hits like “Fancy” and “Pretty Girls” not only got the Australian many records sold – her songs made her a multi-millionaire. Nevertheless, the mother of a son wants to make a living with OnlyFans. Due to the price of her exclusive pictures iggy now with the users together.

Some users felt that the price of their posts, around €25, was not justified as the 32-year-old’s posts were not sufficiently revealing. “Iggy baby please show more on your OnlyFans,” read one Twitter-Comment. The blonde promptly had an answer ready: “Anyone who says that is broke and hasn’t unlocked the paid content where I pose nude.” Finally, she added: “Admission costs 25 euros, not 25 euros for full access. They thought wrong.”

The artist will probably not have to worry too much, because according to her own statement, business is going well for iggy pretty good. “I make so much money I won’t even tell you how much it is”she revealed in Emily Ratajkowski’s (31) podcast “High Low with EmRata”.

Source: celebtap.com