Now it’s official! A few days ago, an insider revealed that Brenda Song (34) and Macaulay Culkin (42) welcomed their second child into the world last year. The two keep their private lives strictly out of the public eye, which is why they have not yet revealed the baby news. But Macaulay’s brother now reveals: In fact, they are already parents of two children!

Across from Access Hollywood Kieran Culkin chatted about both his family and his brother’s family. Apparently it is difficult for him to see his brother regularly because they live in New York and Los Angeles. “I haven’t met number two yet and they have [meine] Haven’t met number two either because we just couldn’t do it”explained Kieran – thus confirming that Macaulay is in fact a father of two.

A few days ago, an insider revealed Us Weeklythat the son of Macaulay and the fame of “Hotel Zack & Cody” was born shortly before Christmas last year. He’s supposed to go by the name of Carson.