Not all celebrities were well received in the first DSDS live performances! The casting show has been in full swing again since mid-January. Since then, most of the candidates have had to leave the show again. The first live show started last Friday – of course, a big entertainment package couldn’t be missing. Well-known faces like Ella Endlich (38), Menderes (38) and Bruce Darnell (65) rocked the stage. But the DSDS-Fans were more likely to make fun of some performances!

As the former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” juror Bruce came on stage, Dieter Bohlen (69) had joy written on his face – he greeted him warmly. But for the spectators it was probably boring! “Yes Yes Yes Bruce is there, i love him too, but i don’t want any Bruce– and dieter-See moments. I want them to sing,” read one impatient fan Twitter. Another user wrote: “What makes Bruce Now there?!” For many, the choreographer’s appearance caused confusion. “Bruce is just a parody of himself. What happened to him?”wondered another viewer.

The appearance of the 17-fold DSDS-participant menderes seemed to do much better. “King of the Jungle, member of Böhmermann’s team and has remained likeable for years. menderes has it with DSDS somehow made it as one of the few”rejoiced a user after the reality TV star’s show.