Lavinia Wollny (23) is a proud mom! The TV celebrity welcomed baby daughter Haylie Emilia with her husband Tim Katzenbauer in February last year. Again and again, the “Die Wollnys” fame gives small insights into her everyday life and her daughter’s progress. Now Lavinia proudly shares with her fans: Haylie Emilia can walk a little!

“It’s all going too fast, you’re walking around here more and more every day”the 23-year-old writes, touched, in her Instagram-Story to a recording of the one-year-olds. In it, the little one walks from her dad Tim to Lavinia on somewhat shaky legs. “I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown up,” she enthuses.

Lavinia is currently expecting her second child. The future parents of two have already revealed the gender: This time they are having a boy! The influencer is looking forward to the fact that her daughter will soon no longer be alone: “Your brother is coming soon, you’re going to be a big sister and I know that you’re going to do everything so well, as well as you do everything.”