Are the two going to be laughed at now? Since the jungle camp was broadcast, the drama surrounding the alleged affair between Peter Klein (55) and Yvonne Woelke (41) has not stopped. However, the two vehemently deny this. But the latest pictures seem to prove the opposite: the actress and Peter were spotted in a Berlin hardware store. So the alleged couple was allegedly caught in the act – and one person is particularly happy about that.

Iris Klein’s (55) daughter Jennifer Frankhauser (30) also seems to like the fact that the hide and seek game of the two reality TV stars has now been blown. Under the celebrity flashpost with the precarious photos, the singer lets her emotions run free. “Finally blown,” she writes there with a clapping emoji and the hashtag “#karma”.

Yvonne had assured only a few weeks ago that between her and Peter nothing happened. “There’s just so much misrepresentation that’s been made public and it’s just important for me to stress that there’s nothing wrong with that Peter was. It wasn’t an affair, we didn’t cheat on our partners, Peter and I, and it’s just a pity that people don’t believe us”she explained on the TV show “Full house”.