Did Iris Klein (55) misinterpret something? A few days ago, the former jungle camp participant revealed on social media that she was meeting a man for the first time after separating from her husband Peter Klein (55). She then shared a few snapshots of her date with her fans. But it seems that the influencer is again unlucky in love. iris‘ Acquaintance now spoke up and made it clear: you didn’t have a date!

In an interview with Picture Jan Schick remembers the encounter with the 55-year-old. While he only wanted to get to know TV fame without obligation, he was iris came to their meeting with different expectations. “Of course I had read about her date. But I never thought that it could mean me. For me, a date was never an issue.”, emphasizes the double of Hugh Jackman (54). In addition, Jan is happily married.

The 54-year-old still cannot believe that there was such a misunderstanding. He was also never on Tinder. “If I wanted to pick up a woman, I wouldn’t sit in a café with her so publicly. It was never an issue for me because I’m married.”Jan clarifies.

Source: celebtap.com