Jasmin Tawil (40) gives the all-clear! The former GZSZ actress had caused a stir for a few weeks – after all, she had been arrested in Costa Rica and taken to a psychiatric facility. The actress has been back in Germany for some time. On Thursday, however, a friend of the artist reported new worrying news: the blonde allegedly disappeared all of a sudden. Now is jasmine reappeared and explained: She’s doing great!

After a friend initially spoke publicly about the disappearance of jasmine worried, the supposedly missing person now reports herself via Instagram to speak and reveals: “Things are going great. […] I’m totally fit. I have new friends.” She also explains that she was never actually missing. Instead, she is currently staying in a Berlin hostel to prepare for planned performances.

The visibly changed woman continues to look forward to it jasmine about her time in Berlin. The 40-year-old is currently wearing a black short hairstyle on her head. “What a blessing. What a good time. I look forward to whatever is to come”she enthuses in her story.

Source: celebtap.com