Sam Dylan (32) was betrayed very badly! In June 2022, the former Prince Charming contestant and his partner at the time, Rafi Rachek (33), split. Since then, the reality TV candidate has been single. In the celebrity flashinterview, however, he revealed that he recently met a new man who could have dream man potential. But now everything turned out differently. Sam experienced a nightmare because the man only wanted his money!

Completely beside himself answered Sam on Instagram with his followers. The 32-year-old has over Instagram had contact with a man named Max. The two got along so well that Sam Invited Max to vacation in the Maldives. But the former celebrity Big Brother candidate quickly realized: Max is not who he claims to be. “I overheard him phoning his ex or girlfriend that he had plans to rip me off, take money from me, wrap me around his finger”gave Sam open to.

Also, Max emptied the minibar, which is why Sam Had to pay 500 euros. He spent a total of 10,000 euros on vacation. As the ex of Rafi confronted him, the situation escalated. Sam had to call security. As a result, Max had to leave the hotel. “I was threatened with a broken bottle and verbally abused. […] I am shocked and sad. I’m also embarrassed to show that I fell for someone like that.”could Sam still can’t believe what he was experiencing.