Emmy Russ (24) is very upset! The influencer can currently be seen on Kampf der Realitystars. But she doesn’t seem to get along well with all of her fellow candidates there: In the preview of the upcoming episode, you can see that there is a small argument with Evanthia Benetatou (31). Then call them emmy even a slut behind her back. The influencer won’t let that sit on her!

On Instagram let emmy vent their anger. “I’m so angry! That crosses every border”, she said indignantly and added angrily: “And it was so easy to unveil her mask from the poor victim of bullying from the summer house of the stars. There you can see for yourself, she is a bully herself who also insults other women at the lowest level as a bitch .” She herself would not have offended Eva so much with a word.

The dispute is for emmy actually been clarified – but now the peace is apparently over. “But I didn’t know that she called me a slut. Of course that has consequences, because I definitely won’t let myself be called a slut.”she continued to rage.

Source: celebtap.com