This star said goodbye to the old look! Zoe Saip is a German model and successful influencer. Through her polarizing participation in the model show Germany’s next top model, she made the leap into the public eye in 2018. The model was remembered for her eye-catching makeover – she got a mullet. After leaving the show, she dyed her hair blonde. Now Zoe showed up with a new look on the net!

in one Instagram-Video the model presents his new hairstyle. You can see her with her blond mane and then with the new brown hair color. Zoe grins happily at the camera, turns and then blows an air kiss on her followers. “New Era” is written under the clip. The brunette seems to like her new look.

The fans of the Austrian are also enthusiastic about the hairy change. “brown looks great on you”, finds a follower. Another fan writes: “Breathtaking, as always.” In her story, Zoe posted more pics with the new hair and shows: With her new look, she goes through life with total self-confidence!