Smooch alert at the festival! Camila Cabello (26) and Shawn Mendes (24) were one of Hollywood’s dream couples – until they ended their relationship in November 2021 after two years together. In the past few months, the singer has also shown up with other women and let the rumor mill seethe. But now the two have been spotted together at Coachella. And kissed there shawn and Camila now with each other!

A Videothe at Twitter circulates, shows the ex-couple holding each other tightly in their arms. The brunette keeps watching, laughing shawn and pretty much adores him. But not only Camilla seems to be impressed – because the hottie finally bends over to the “Bam Bam” interpreter and the two passionately kiss each other! Is there hope for a love comeback?

While the two were still together, they also publicly showed how in love they were with each other. During rehearsals for a concert together, the two performed their song “Señorita” on stage. They had beamed in competition and also kissed unashamedly.