Marzena Pawlowski and Artur Pawlowski have been together for over 31 years. He shared a photo of his wife on Instagram on their 31st anniversary with a caption: ’31 years together! What a brave woman! Thank you, Marzena! I love you!’

Arthur is the father of two sons and a daughter, whose names have yet to be revealed.

The wife and children of Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski prefer to stay out of the spotlight. The name of his wife is also not disclosed.

Artur Pawlowski’s wife gave birth to their son

Nathaniel Pawlowski, now 23 years old, was born in 2000 with serious health problems, including a broken lung and a heart on the wrong side of his body.

Despite the doctor’s prediction that he would not survive, Artur and his wife refused to give up hope and prayed daily for his health. Nathaniel’s recovery amazed the doctors who treated him, and he was even referred to as a “star baby.”

This experience deeply influenced Artur, leading him to devote himself to a life centered on God rather than just himself.

The couple faced many challenges after Nathaniel was born, but their unwavering faith helped them overcome them.

Who is Arthur Pawlowski?

Artur Pawlowski is a Polish-Canadian street preacher and political activist known for leading the Cave of Adullam congregation in Calgary and formerly as the leader of Kings Glory Fellowship.

He founded Street Church Ministries to preach publicly and engage in Christian outreach, providing food and clothing for the poor. In 2022, he was named leader of the Alberta Independence Party.

However, the Canadian government revoked Street Church Ministries’ non-profit status as a religious organization in 2010 due to their involvement in “non-partisan political activities.”

The court has released the fines paid by Pawlowski – Why was he arrested?

A controversial Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, has been involved in multiple legal issues in recent years. In December 2020, he was fined for not wearing a mask.

His arrest followed in February 2021 for organizing and attending an illegal in-person meeting.

Pawlowski was later arrested again for disobeying a court order and failing to wear a mask. In October 2021, he was sentenced to 18 months probation and fined $23,000.

In a subsequent incident, Pawlowski was arrested again for encouraging protesters to back out of an agreement with the RCMP to leave the area.

This resulted in mischief charges of over $5,000 and the operation being interrupted. He faces trial on these charges, with his first trial set for February 2023.

On March 25, after Artur Pawlowski’s lawyers filed a release plan with the court, Judge Gaylene Kendall overturned Judge Adam Germaine Olsen’s ruling and granted release terms.

Pawlowski was ordered to pay a $25,000 cash deposit, impose a curfew and be banned from attending protests.

The court also required securities from Pawlowski’s wife and son. Despite the ruling, Pawlowski remained in custody until a bail hearing on previous charges and was released on March 30.

Later in July 2022, the Alberta Court of Appeals recognized procedural issues related to the application of the public health order and recognized that the fines Pawlowski had already paid were sufficient penalties for violating public health orders. As a result, the court returned some of the fines paid by Pawlowski.

Pawlowski’s wife, Marzena, has fully supported him throughout this legal battle.