Follows for Martina Navratilova (66) now the great family happiness? The former tennis player has had a tough year. At the beginning of the year, the Czech-born woman was diagnosed with cancer again – in two forms. But the blonde declared war on the disease and finally defeated it. Before the shocking diagnosis had itself Martina with her wife Julia Lemigova (50) wanted a child – do you want to implement these plans now?

In an interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored the 66-year-old also spoke about child planning. She openly stated: “We’ve considered adoption, but that’s definitely on hold and I don’t think it’s going to happen!” The reason: Martina I don’t have the energy for such a big task right now. In addition, there is her age, as she herself admitted: “I’m not the youngest anymore and I don’t want to be the grandmother on the playground anymore!”

Martina and Julia have been married since 2014. The athlete’s wife is already a mother and brought two daughters into the marriage, who the women raise together. For Martina Her role as a stepmom is very special, as opposed to 2012 radio 4 had revealed: “It’s fun and awesome!”