She looks very different! Cara Delevingne (30) is known worldwide as a model and has already floated over one or the other catwalk. But she now proved that the beauty can not only model. The Briton is actually in the twelfth season of the US series American Horror Story and was in front of the camera in New York City for the format. She showed herself in an unusual look: Cara was almost unrecognizable on the set!

How Pictures show the Just Jared are available, the 30-year-old presented herself quite darkly. In the pictures, the model wears a shoulder-length black wig with bangs, a black coat and black leggings. In addition, the runway queen put on large red sunglasses, pulled red leather gloves over her hands and – very conspicuously – strutted around in bright red high heels. Co-star Emma Roberts (32), on the other hand, was a little more subtle on the set: she wore a gray coat, a pink hat and black boots.

Caras The focus on acting comes as no surprise, after all, the beauty had recently announced that she was aiming for a career away from the catwalks. However, the 30-year-old is no newcomer to the world of series and films – she has already appeared in films such as Suicide Squad.