Dominik Brcic causes a stir at Ex on the Beach! He tried his luck with Chiara Antonella (26) – but apparently that wasn’t enough for the Viennese. That’s why the former Temptation Island seducer chose exactly the same words for Carina a little later – with little success. However, this tactic was quickly discovered – and yet tried Dominik again at Chiara!

“But it shouldn’t come across as if you think I’d play with you,” explains the Viennese. “If I wasn’t so interested in you, I wouldn’t give a damn,” he tries to justify himself. “You can’t tell God and the world, ‘I want to eat you up!'” The Love Island fame quickly made it clear to him. She intentionally didn’t ask him about it “Because I assumed you’d tell that to a third lady. I mean, if you’re that hungry and want to eat four, five, six girls.”

But that’s not the only faux pas Dominik affords. Chiara I found him really good, “but you screwed it up a bit with that,” she makes clear. He replies: “I thought so too, but Carina, honestly…” – whereupon the influencer immediately interrupted him: “What did you just say, did you just say Carina? Next own goal […] Eat someone else but not me!”she laughs.