This week, a special challenge awaited Heidi Klum’s (49) protégés! The Germany’s next top model candidates made the long journey from Los Angeles to Berlin to present themselves at numerous castings as part of the Fashion Week: Among other things, the fashion designer Kilian Kerner and the company Néonail had orders to place. But which GNTM participants were ultimately able to secure the coveted jobs?

Killian Kerner was looking for a model for his Fashion Week show to present his latest collection on the catwalk – and one candidate really got him excited: Nicole got the job from the designer. However, he still had a surprise in store. “Now I’m doing something I didn’t expect. I’m going to book another model that made it very difficult for me today – and I’m also a little afraid that it could go wrong.”explained Kilian and then booked Nina for his show. She had previously wowed him with her looks, but not with her catwalk skills.

The company Néonail also had a job to offer – those responsible were looking for a self-confident model for a Germany-wide campaign! Olivia cleared this mega order. “Olivia’s personality convinced us the most. You could feel her as soon as she walked in”, the customer enthused. There was also a job for the handbag label Zoé Lu – and Ida grabbed it.