Cathy Hummels (35) apparently couldn’t resist this little swipe! The Realitystars presenter’s fight confirmed last year that her marriage to kicker Mats Hummels, 34, has broken down. However, the influencer and the athlete still take care of their son Ludwig Hummels (5) together. The two actually seem to get along well – now diss Cathy but her ex!

On Instagram shared Cathy Impressions of a baby teeth party that she organized for her son. Of course there was also a delicious cake for her little one Ludwig. The 35-year-old not only garnished the chocolate pastries with mini soccer balls and soccer player figures, but also with a diss to her ex: “Milk teeth party with monsters. One monster looks like papa, only faster. But that’s not difficult”she captioned the photo.

Only had in March Cathy explains why the marriage of the two finally broke up after many years together. “As a couple, at some point we just weren’t on the same wavelength anymore”she had opposite Gala disclosed.