Chainsaw Man is turned into a 90's anime!

Chainsaw Man is turned into a 90’s anime!

Chainsaw Man is an anime that differs greatly from the narrative style and aesthetics of the 90s anime, just remember works from the time to see how things have changed nowadays in relation to modern anime. But the animation style of the 90s is still enchanting, so much so that manga and anime that emerged at the time continue to be very famous today, such as Sailor Moon, one of the greatest representatives of that period.

Twitter artist @hanavbara has a great passion for the aesthetics of 90’s shoujo anime and using all her artistic talent, she creates illustrations using modern anime, movies, and series, with the shoujo style of that era. On her Twitter account, you can find versions of Stranger Things as an anime from the 90s to @hanavbara versions of works from the period itself. But, her most recent illustrations were inspired by an anime from last year, as she turned Chainsaw Man into a retro shoujo.

The artist took key scenes from Chainsaw Man, with different characters, and re-imagined them as classic 90’s anime in all its glory. In the illustrations, we have Aki, the Devil Angel, Makima, Power, and Denji. See below.

Chainsaw Man Synopsis

“ Denji is a teenager who lives with Pochita, the Chainsaw Demon. Due to the debts, he inherited from his father, he lives in poverty, exterminating other demons with Pochita to pay the bills. Until, one day, Denji is betrayed and dies. In his last moments of consciousness, he forms a contract with Pochita and is reborn as the Chainsaw Man – a human with the heart of a demon .”

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