Jiena Viduka (24) has drawn the line. In 2020, the actress became known for her role as Jill Meininger in the soap opera Köln 50667. The Hamburg native even moved to the cathedral city for her new dream job. But after three years, Jiena made a difficult decision and left “Köln 50667”. Across from celebrity flash the actress has now announced the reasons for her voluntary series break.

“I really loved the format, but a lot has changed and I’ve changed too”Jiena explained celebrity flash. For a long time, the brunette thought about closing the chapter. Then she gathered all her courage and decided: “Now or never”. Jiena does not rule out a return to the cult series. Nevertheless, she made it clear: “Currently and also in the near future I can hardly imagine it.”

After leaving the series, the actress initially took a little break: “After the decision to leave the format, it was important to me to really have time for myself.” Now, however, Jiena wants to really get going again: “Now I’m doing everything I can to ensure that you get to see me quite often on TV.”

Source: celebtap.com