Chantel Jeffries Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know

Chantel Jeffries Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know

Chantel Jeffries is a DJ, a model, and a YouTube star who is now becoming quite famous as the rumored girlfriend of The Weeknd. A multi-talented actress, Chantel is also an actress, although she still has to play in many movies. Here you can find some interesting facts about this beautiful woman.

Chantel Jeffries Biography and Family Life

Chantel was born on 1 October 1992 in the United States of America, California, as the daughter of a member of the military. Considering her father’s profession, her family life was not quite like that of many other children, as she was constantly on the move. So she grew up in various places, including Massachusetts and California.

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A graduate of Florida International University, Chantel is a very intelligent person who studied communication arts and fine arts. She completed her high school education in Virginia and attended middle school in Jacksonville.

Chantel Jeffries Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know
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What would make Chantel Jeffries famous is her work as a DJ, for which she is called Ceejay the DJ. Apart from that, she is also an actress who has starred in several films such as The Perfect Match (2016), her first movie, and A Weekend with the Family (2016).

Other Facts About Her

1. She is working on a book:  Chantel is writing a book which she said she will have published as soon as possible. Nevertheless, music remains her priority.

2. Relationships and Dating: Before she was associated with The Weeknd, Chantel is said to have dated Justin Bieber for a short time. She is also said to have been in contact with Justin Combs, son of P. Diddy, and NFL star DeSean Jackson. However, her most popular relationship was with Justine Bieber.

3. Plastic Surgery:  Chantel Jeffries, a Kim Kardashian lookalike, had plastic surgery that she uploaded to her YouTube channel. The surgery was for breast reduction and lifting. This was because she had hormonal problems that caused her weight to fluctuate, causing her breast to move from a small D to a B. Although she said that she had no problem with breast size, this could lead to some problems like stretch marks, especially in someone whose breasts have moved from one size to another.

4. Entrepreneurship: Chantel also has her eyes set on being an entrepreneur, as she is working on her own jewelry line.

5. As a DJ: Ceejay the DJ has worked with many stars and at many events, so she is well established in this respect.

6. She understands and speaks French: she needs to learn the language after she has grown up. This is because her family is French. She has taught herself much of the language through music and a phone app. However, her mother is Italian.

7. She doesn’t eat meat: but she loves seafood, with sushi being her favorite.

Chantel Jeffries Biography, Family Life and Other Facts To Know
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8. Relationship with The Weeknd:  Although the rumor that she might be with The Weeknd still exists, sources close to the singer claim that he is still very single. But the multiple Grammy winner and Chantel have been friends for a long time.

9. Arrest: The DJ has been accused of stabbing a rival named Monica Crout five times. This happened after the two allegedly had a fight on Facebook. After the stabbing, Crout was left with serious injuries by the Jefferies. It was also reported that she had already been arrested five times.

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Although she denied the stabbing incident and claims that she was ever arrested, her lawyer said she was arrested when she was 18 years old, but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence and it was a minor assault and that was the only time she was arrested.

10. Height: Chantel is a very beautiful woman who has the right shape and body. She is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m) tall.

11. Social Media: Ceejay, the DJ, has a huge social media following with nearly 900,000 followers on YouTube, nearly 4 million followers on Instagram, and over 500,000 followers on Twitter. She also has a Snapchat account and a Facebook page.

12. Home:  She now lives in L.A., where she does most of her work.

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