Was there a debate? For a long time it was unclear whether Prince Harry (38) would appear at the coronation of his father Charles (74). With the publication of his memoirs he had fallen out of favor prince drove quite a wedge between himself and his family. However, despite the argument, the redhead showed up for the spectacle. Harry and Charles are even said to have spoken to each other before the coronation!

“As I understand it, he had no interactions with the prince or the Princess of Wales, but he had a conversation with his father the night before the coronation”explains the royal expert Nick Bullen across from Us Weekly regarding Harry’s return to his homeland. In addition, nobody knew anything about the Royal’s plans until the next morning and whether he would fly back to the USA immediately after the ceremony. “They were hoping that he would be part of the celebration at the palace,” he adds.

How TheMirror reported that right after the coronation, Harry got into a car and drove to the airport to return to his adopted country, the United States. After all, his son Archie Harrison (4) also celebrated his birthday on this day.

Source: celebtap.com