Now they even get their own format! Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (22) has been in front of the camera since she was a child – mainly because of her famous parents Natascha (58) and Uwe Ochsenknecht (67). The big family has had its own reality show called Die Ochsenknechts for the past year. The fans get very exclusive and private insights into the lives of TV celebrities. But in a new show everything should just change cheyenne and turn her husband Nino!

How press portal reported, a spin-off is coming in a few months! “Our farm” is the name of the announced format in which cheyenne and Nino show their everyday life as young farmers. It’s supposed to start in winter 2023 – the couple’s life on the farm is documented in four episodes and seasons. For her Nino, the model left big city life behind and moved to Austria in 2020.

Her family comes to visit her regularly, especially Mama Natascha is often in Austria. Actually maintains cheyenne also a close relationship with her older brother Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31). But after his girlfriend Laura (24) on Cheyennes Wedding had made an application, the house blessing seems to be crooked. Will that be discussed again in the new show?