It probably won’t take too long! In December 2022, Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (22) surprised her fans with sweet news: she and her husband Nino Sifkovits are becoming parents for the second time. Since then, this Ochsenknechts celebrity has been taking her followers on her second pregnancy journey – just like now: cheyenne shares a clip online that clearly shows her unborn child kicking!

In your Instagramstory, the mom-to-be captures this intimate moment for her fans. The model sits relaxed in front of a tablet while her husband has his arm on her stomach. In the clip, fans can also see exactly how each other Cheyennes belly moved. Her little son seems to have been particularly active at that moment.

The beauty recently revealed the gender of her child. The secret was revealed in the season finale of “Dies Ochsenknechts”. “I kind of suspected it, but then I thought more, Team Girl”she revealed, adding: “In the end, I’m extremely happy.”