The custody battle between Olivia Wilde (39) and Jason Sudeikis (47) is probably not over yet. The two actors split in 2020 after being engaged for seven years. Since then, they have had a bitter dispute over custody of their two children, Otis and Daisy. Olivia now claims that jason pays no maintenance for the kids – and also wants her legal fees back from him!

“Jason is not paying me alimony at this time, although I have asked through my attorney that we agree on an interim amount of alimony.”quoted the blast the 38-year-old from current court documents. Although she shares the school fees with her ex, she otherwise bears “100 percent of the costs of looking after the children” when they are with her. Since the father of her kids earns much more, she demands not only an appropriate maintenance arrangement, but also around 470,000 euros to pay her lawyer.

In the course of the negotiations, the director had already had to disclose all of her finances. Loud Radar Online Olivia is said to have about 600,000 euros in her bank accounts. Your monthly costs should be just under 100,000 euros. her ex-fiancé jason However, he has not yet given any detailed information about his expenses and account balance.