This candidate is already noticeable in the first episode! Temptation Island is in its fifth round and four couples want to test their loyalty in the reality show. The first episode has it all and some seducers turn the heads of the candidates. Loreen Schenke expressed her enthusiasm with the TikTok saying “chocolate lemon”. And that’s already getting on the fans’ nerves!

Already in the first few minutes of “Temptation Island” Loreen calls out “chocolate lemon” several times – for example when she sees the seducer coming into the villa. Under a Instagram– Contribution of the show everyone is already quite annoyed! “Oh my god, how many times she said that with chocolate lemon, it was so awkward to watch!”, comments a viewer. “It’s already annoying me,” writes another user.

Calvin Kleinen (31) had to laugh a lot at Loreen’s statements. In his reaction to YouTube the “Temptation Island” veteran appeals: “Please. I don’t want people to get into the habit of saying chocolate-lemon from now on. So that’s clear. Please don’t!” Nevertheless, the Cologne native believes that Loreen will create a good mood.