Chris Potoski – 6 Important Things You Need To Know
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Chris Potoski is a well-known name in the American business world. He is a very interesting person and there are many interesting things to know about him.

Who is Chris Potoski?

Chris Potoski is a well-known American businessman, and although there is no detailed information about his date and place of birth, he was born in 1972 in the United States of America. There is no information about his childhood. He attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a double degree in physiology and kinesiology. He is American and his ethnicity is white.

6 Important Things To Know About Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski – 6 Important Things You Need To Know

He Has Vast Business Interests

Potoski is the founder of Tracey Jordan Properties, a luxury hotel specializing in providing luxury amenities for vacationers. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of TJC Asset Management. His organization manages clients’ digital media assets. With the rapid growth of technology, his company now manages over 200 terabytes of digital media for both individual and corporate clients. The organization’s scope has also been expanded to include domain management, social media management, asset management, content management, and software licensing.

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As a businessman he earns a good amount of money, you can say that he is doing well in his profession. Chris specializes in various areas such as EHR implementation and business plan development. He is an expert in strategic planning, operations, contract negotiations, website architecture, social media and online marketing, and electronic health records.

Chris Began his Career in the Health Sector

He began his career in January 1995 as Director of Business Development for the Curative Healthcare Industry. He worked there for almost five years and then decided to leave the company in December 1999. He then moved to the National Healing Corporation, where he soon served as Vice President (Business Development). He worked there for more than five years before founding his own company in June 2004. Chris Potoski started his own company, which he called “No Rivals Media” and ran the company for four years from 2004-2008. He is also a cast member of the TV series Penn and Teller.

His Wife is a P*rn Star

Brandi Love is born Tracey Lynn Livermore is a p*rn star. At the beginning of her career, she worked a lot of solos. In June 2004 Brandi launched her website and started performing for production companies in Los Angeles, where she shot her first professional scene with a p*rn site called “Naughty America”. She is one of the highest-ranking p*rn stars on P*rnhub with over 400 million views. She ranks third or fourth as the most popular p*rn star of each year. Her most viewed scenes are from the series “Moms Teach Sex”. She has added movies from companies like “Brazzers”, “Hustler Films”, “Girlfriend Films” and “Sweetheart Videos” to her pile. Brandi tries to balance her private life with her professional life and tries her best to use her free time to take care of her daughter and husband.

He is Married and Has a Daughter

Chris Potoski is married to Brandi Love, whose original name is Tracey Lynn Livermore, and they have one daughter. The couple married in 1994, and there is no detailed information on how they met or where they were married, and even their daughter’s name remains unknown.

Chris Potoski – 6 Important Things You Need To Know
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Both Chris and Brandi are Into P*rnography

Chris and his wife Brandi were in the p*rn industry and usually have sex on camera, which is published on Brandi’s adult site. What brought Brandi and her husband into the p*rn industry was a doctor’s advice that the couple should change careers because it takes a high health toll, so they tried p*rnography, which has become a profession for them.

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Chris Fought to Keep his Daughter

When their daughter was five years old, Chris’s parents-in-law (who are Christians) contacted child protection authorities to try to take the child away from him and his wife and put her in childcare because of her job. The authorities said they found nothing wrong with the fact that the child’s parents were p*rn stars, so their daughter stayed with them.

Other Facts about Chris Potoski

Chris is in an open marriage with his wife Brandi Love.

His wife Brandi Love is co-owner of his company Tracey Jordan Properties.

He suffered a stress-related heart attack, and when he followed the doctor’s advice to consider a career change, he went into the p*rn industry (together with his wife, of course).