It was a sad day for Fleetwood Mac fans: singer Christine McVie is dead! At the end of November it was announced that the musician had died after a short illness. The 75-year-old left behind plenty of grieving admirers and friends. your bandmate Mick Fleetwood (75) also doubts that the group can continue to exist after their death. But one question still remained unanswered: where is Christine actually deceased? The cause of death has now been released.

the blast the death certificate is available. According to the document Christine suffered an ischemic stroke – which was given as the primary cause of death. But that’s not all: An undiscovered malignant cancer was listed as a secondary cause, which was listed as “metastatic malignancy of unknown origin”. A cardiac arrhythmia was also found.

On Twitter had Christine’s friend and colleague mick touching words published after her death: “Today is the day my sweet friend Christine McVie takes to the skies… Part of my heart flew away today. I will miss everything about you Christine McVie. The memories are everywhere… They fly to me.”