Christopher Daum (69) would like to remain realistic. Last October it became known that the former professional footballer had cancer – the ex-coach was diagnosed with lung cancer. The whole thing was discovered during a normal health check. The native of Zwickau then withdrew from the public eye and received medical treatment. Revealed in an interview Christopherhow the therapy works for him.

“I feel good. In the first phase of my therapy, I underwent very intensive chemotherapy until December, which worked very well and eliminated all metastases,” the 69-year-old explained sports picture. Christopher is optimistic, but he is nevertheless cautious: “It would be wishful thinking to believe that you could beat cancer and say: It’s gone. For me it’s more about being able to say: We have it under control and I can grow old with it.”

Those around him are convinced that he will conquer the disease. One of them is Reiner Calmund (74), who Christopher has been friends for a long time. “I know from the many years together that Christopher is a great fighter, so he will conquer this disease too”he assured Picture.