Christywho’s viral video is proof of the twisted nature of her marital relationship.

In a surprising turn of events, the Florida woman who made headlines last month by claiming to have married her stepfather has now revealed another version of her love story.

Newlywed Christy, who goes by the nickname @Christywho_, shared a TikTok video on Feb. 27 of her passionately kissing her new husband during their wedding in Las Vegas.

Her caption, with the hashtags #marryyourmomsex and #agegap, sent shockwaves across the internet, drawing 23 million views and thousands of negative comments.

However, in an interview with The Post, the 26-year-old blushing bride now claims the video was just a “joke”.

She now shares the “real story” of their relationship, which she admits isn’t quite as sensational as the original clip.

The first video caused quite a stir, with many people having a hard time accepting the idea of ​​marrying a stepfather.

One commenter expressed his disgust by saying: “I can’t imagine a scenario where this happens without feeling gross.”

Another skeptic questioned the need for such a relationship, asking, “With 7 billion people in the world, why?” One viewer joked about the stepfather’s title change, saying, “He went from ‘daddy’ to ‘daddy’ real quick.”

Another doubter chimed in and said no man should be able to say, “Your mother didn’t do it that way.” The first six-second video sparked controversy as people struggled with the idea of ​​marrying a stepfather.

Days later, the mother-of-two took to TikTok again to “clarify some things.” In the video, she promptly answered some of the most pressing questions about her unconventional relationship.

In a third TikTok video, Christy revealed that she fell in love with her older brother’s best friend after bonding over their shared grief after her brother’s tragic death in a motorcycle accident.

The couple eventually married and started their own family, with two children named after Christy’s late brother.

While the first video was a “game” about the 16-year age difference between Christy and her husband, the real story behind their relationship turns out to be much more innocent than the scandalous rumors circulating online.

In the wake of the controversy, Christy wanted to clear up any confusion about her relationship with her husband.

The video, which has been viewed more than 267,000 times, emphasized that her husband was not her stepfather and they had no children together.

How did people react to Christy’s video?

Although the first clip was intended as a joke, Christy was shocked by the intense response she received online.

In an interview with The Post, Christy reflected on the backlash she received after the first video.

She admitted to receiving death threats and other disturbing messages, with some people even wishing her children harm.

The experience taught her how easily disinformation can spread on the internet and how quickly people are willing to believe and react to sensational stories.

However, Christy also recognized the power of the internet to bring people together.

After sharing the real story behind her relationship, she received an outpouring of support from people who had also lost loved ones and found love in unexpected places.

The experience has taught Christy to be more careful about what she posts online and to be more aware of how her words and actions affect others.

Christy’s story highlights the importance of fact-checking and critical thinking in the digital age.

As we navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape, it is critical that we remain vigilant and skeptical.

One should always question the veracity of information and take time to consider the impact their words and actions may have on others.