The details of Claudia Voight’s obituary will be revealed by her immediate family. The mother of the famous award-winning news anchor at NBC Connecticut, Heidi Voight, passed away on February 21, 2023.

Her family has not disclosed Claudia’s cause of death and it is essential that the public respect their decision.

According to some sources, Claudia died in love and care for her beloved relatives. At the time of her death, she was surrounded by people she loved and cared deeply about.

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The announcement of her passing was made on multiple social media platforms. Condolences, respect and prayers have poured in since news of her death began to circulate.

She was an active member of her local community and was known for her kind and generous spirit.

Claudia devoted her entire life to her husband and children. She was known as a devoted wife and mother who made sure that her children had the best life possible.

Her family and friends will miss the deceased greatly and it will take them some time to recover from this huge loss.

Her family is relieved to learn that Claudia has lived a complete life. She got to watch her beloved children grow up and make their dreams come true.

Her warmth and generosity, wisdom and patience will always be remembered. She was a beloved member of the community whose absence will be felt more than words can express.

Who is Heidi Voight?

Heidi Voight is the daughter of Claudia Voight, the award-winning news anchor of NBC Connecticut News.

She can be seen weekday mornings from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. anchoring NBC Connecticut Today along with co-anchor Ted Koppy and meteorologist Bob Maxon.

Heidi was born and raised in Milford, Connecticut. She is the literal example of a small town girl as Milford is a small charming town widely known for its seaside beauty.

She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University. Some say Heidi was a born human being. Since she was a little girl, she took an active part in competitions and processions.

Before becoming a news anchor, she participated in many pageants including the Miss America pageant representing Connecticut where she gained a lot of fame, confidence and experience.

Heidi Voight has won many awards for her anchoring career, including the CT Society of Professional Journalists. She is a well-known and recognized member of the journalism industry.

As a proud Connecticut resident, Heidi brings her insight into her coverage of major New England news events.

She was the first reporter to be live on scene in the southern end of Springfield, Massachusetts minutes after the deadly EF3 tornado on June 1, 2011, with coverage contributing to an Emmy award-winning newscast.

Heidi also uses her platform to promote numerous charities and discover compelling human interest stories.

She firmly believes that journalism can and should improve the world.