Did the plan to give Cologne 50667 better odds backfire? Probably due to the poor ratings, the RTL2 broadcaster decided a few months ago to fire ten Daily cast members – instead, 14 newcomers followed. There are also new locations and fresh storylines. The current episodes have been on TV for a few days now. However, the “Cologne 50667” viewers make a devastating verdict…

among the Instagram– Contributions of the RTL2 format, there is no other topic: Everyone is busy discussing the 180 degree turn of the series! “Bring back the old actors! Please! You destroyed our series,” emphasizes one user. “I watched an episode and didn’t even get to the end: This is so bad! Sad but I’m going to ‘Cologne 50667‘ Don’t watch anymore,” judges another. Many also demand: ‘We want the old’Cologne 50667‘ return! That was such a crazy idea!”

What do a lot of fans hang on to? The new storytelling in “Cologne 50667”! In the past, viewers simply watched the protagonists in their dramas from a disinterested perspective – now the new families give interviews, where they sit together on the couch and recap and comment on their experiences. “Is this the new ‘Focus on Families’?” wondered a user in the comment column. Another quipped, “Ordered Modern Family on Wish…”

Source: celebtap.com