Klaus Barkowsky wants to make it big as Lude – in St. Pauli you can make a lot of money from drugs and prostitution. The first trailer of “Luden” already makes it clear that things are going to be pretty spicy in the new Amazon series.

“You can’t even imagine what fits in such a pussy” – with these words the first trailer of “Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn” greets us in St. Pauli and shows a lady lying horizontally on the bed because rehearsing a very special “ping pong show”.

This trailer opening already gives us hope that with the new Amazon series “Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn” we can expect more than an average series from Germany – namely one that dares. After all, the trailer doesn’t skimp on drugs, sex and violence and we look forward to an unadorned, dirty look into the world of the Reeperbahn pimps.

And that is what “Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn” is all about

In Hamburg in the 1980s, the bear is tap-dancing: the sexual revolution, drugs and the disco wave have made the Reeperbahn one of Germany’s most sought-after party miles, because everyone is really welcome here and can party along.

Klaus Barkowsky (Aaron Hilmer) also wants to set the bar high and earn a living in an environment of drugs, violence and prostitution. He is made into a pimp by the tough prostitute Jutta (Jeanette Hain) and together with some like-minded people, Klaus tries to establish himself as a new force in the dirty environment – much to the dismay of the previous cartel mates. In particular, there are fierce quarrels with the established Luden of the GMBH, who previously controlled the district. But when the AIDS crisis implodes Luden’s business, new ways to make money must be found…

“Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn” starts March 3, 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. Then it’s six episodes long together with the aspiring clerk Klaus Barkowsky to St. Pauli, where the cartel domination on the Reeperbahn is fought in a gang duel.

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