This date must have backfired! In Kampf der Realitystars, TV personality Evanthia Benetatou (31) seems to have had an eye on Ur-Bachelor Paul Janke (41). The brunette repeatedly emphasizes that she feels attracted to her comrade-in-arms. Paul has kept a low profile so far. On a romantic date, the two now had the opportunity to get in touch. But while Eva was enjoying the time together to the fullest, Paul seemed less than enthusiastic.

The two sat down at a set table by candlelight and chatted about their feelings. Eva didn’t mince words and revealed to Paul that she liked him and felt attracted to him. “I don’t feel comfortable here. I would get to know you differently outside than here”, the former bachelor then replied. He skilfully dodged the brunette’s questions several times and didn’t let his cards be looked at.

In an exclusive interview with celebrity flash Eva already said that she liked the hottie. “I like Paul very much, he is also a very attractive man. He reminds me of my first boyfriend, my first great love.” Even though Paul had already expressed that he didn’t want children. “I don’t think it’s a bad thing if a man doesn’t want a woman who brings a child into the relationship “, Eva then clarified.