The comedy world gets sad news. Barry Humphries was a real all-round talent: he was a comedian, satirist, character actor and drag queen. The 89-year-old became world famous primarily through his depictions of artificial figures – the best known was probably Dame Edna Everage, which he created when he was only 21 years old. From an early age he loved to dress up and act. Now is barry however deceased.

Barry died at the age of 89 after complications from an operation. The legendary Australian entertainer had only been discharged from hospital a few days ago but was getting loud Sun returned after a health setback.

In an interview with the Guardians said barry last year about Edna: “She has proven resilient – and a very useful mouthpiece. She can say things, like political correctness, that I couldn’t possibly say.” The name Edna comes from his beloved childhood nanny, he explained. The most famous character is also based partly on his mother and partly on the “women provincial mayors “, whom he met on a regional theater tour.