This star is not doing well! Felix Lobrecht (34) is a German stand-up comedian and known for the podcast “Gemischtes Hack”, which he runs together with comedian Tommi Schmitt (34). The Berliner has already received a number of awards, including the “German Comedy Award 2020 – Best Comedian”. He has also been able to snag prizes with his podcast. But now the shock: Felix revealed that he was at the end of his health!

“I announce very officially and big, very undignified in this shit episode: I’m quitting comedy for a year,” the 34-year-old opened the current episode of the podcast “Mixed Hack”. A short time later he added that he was completely exhausted. He also pointed out that he had worked himself to death. “I’ve been sick for months, I’m in the clinic here, I’m fucked up”Felix described his current situation.

The comedian has precise plans for his break. “I’m finally looking at the world. I never had the money before and since I have the money I don’t have the time for it”said Felix. After all, there seems to be a consolation for the fans: The podcast should continue to exist with the Berliner. His colleague Tommi thinks the break is a good idea.